TEHRAN, March 26 (MNA) – Yazd which is the UNESCO-registered city of Iran is famous for a plethora of local dishes and desserts.Termed the “noble city of Yazd” by Marco Polo, the city is not only famous for its fascinating cultural attractions but also for the diverse foods and sweets you try in this city.

The art of making indigenous dishes in Yazd enjoys a national heritage status in Iran.

One of the sweets made and served on the threshold of the New Year is called Soruk Bread also known as Sirog Bread and Siro Bread.

Sweets & foods of UNESCO-registered city of Iran
The traditional bread is made with wheat flour, water, sugar, sesame oil, coriander seed, and yeast, and is fried in hot oil.

The variety of Yazd sweets is awe-inspiring, but maybe the most famous of Yazd sweets throughout Iran is Qottab.

Sweets & foods of UNESCO-registered city of Iran
Ghotab is a traditional Iranian almond and walnut-filled crescent pastry that is made any time of year, but they are particularly delightful during the New Year festivities.

Sweets & foods of UNESCO-registered city of Iran
Polo Toki is one of the traditional cuisines of Yazd, which is composed of rice and millet, lentils, and meat.

In the past, the citizens of Yazd used to eat Polo Toki during celebrations and holidays.

The local dish is still one of the foods that are made as the New Year approaches.

Sweets & foods of UNESCO-registered city of Iran
Gheymeh Yazdi is another traditional dish of Yazd which is a kind of stew made of chickpeas with a different taste from the ordinary Gheymeh that is served all over Iran.

People of Yazd prepare their special traditional Gheymeh using lamb, chickpeas, tomato paste, saffron, dried lime, onions, and seasonings, especially cinnamon.

Sweets & foods of UNESCO-registered city of Iran
Yazdi people make good use of small pieces of bread and mix them with cheese, tomato, onion, and a bit of water.

It can be served as breakfast or snack but you cannot find it in any restaurant.

Sweets & foods of UNESCO-registered city of Iran
Shouli is the most famous Yazdi Ash (a kind of thick soup).

It is made of spinach, dill, beetroot, lentil, and a little bit of flour, but the main ingredient which makes it tasty is sour grape juice.

Reported by Tohid Mahmoudpour

Original Article Source: Mehr News | Published on Sunday, 26 March 2023 00:30 (about 445 days ago)