In His Name, the Most High

Pure Wilayah is a project started by a group of activists concerned with the portrayal of Islam and Muslims (and the middle east per-say) within the mainstream news media.

We also found that there was a deficit of high quality applications and web-sites for the excellent content that is out there, and that debunks the lies and myths portrayed by the mainstream media.

As a result, the Pure Wilayah project was started.

That's why we say that Pure Wilayah puts the Resistance Media, the media and news that is combatting the lies and misinformation around the world, into the palm of your hand.

As an organisation, Pure Wilayah is a completely voluntary effort, we have no direct or indirect funding from anyone. This is funded by ourselves, and those kind and generaous people who believe in this project and choose to contribute. But just because its a voluntary effort, don't think for a nano-second that this means this is a weak project, that it won't have longevity. Quite the opposite. The people behind this endeveour are the same team that brough you the mobile apps for organisations like Press TV and Al-Alam, and are veterans in the IT industry, with decades of combined experience.

Using contacts built up within the Resistance Media over the years, we work with various providers to make their content available and easily accessible.

We are always ready to work with new providers, provided their stances are based on the Truth and honour and not the corporate news media that plauges the airwaves these days. If you are a news, media or information provider, and you care about the Truth, then contact us we would love to work with you. Also don't make the assumption we will only work with Muslim Media outlets, not at all, we are interested in the Truth, so if you trade in Truth, then lets talk.

Our infrastructure is designed to be resilient, using best practices, and our software development process follows a true Agile process. We test our software - our API, WebApp, and mobile Apps extensively, and will soon be opening up our testing process to the public - stay tuned for that. The net result of this is that our software - the Apps, the WebApp, and our back-end API - are with the grace of God, rock solid and robust.

Over time, we will be providing a natural language search option - both within the mobile apps, as well as the Web App - which will allow for the searching through nearly 40 years of Resistance News and Media, starting at the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, through to the efforts of the Islamic Resistance in Lebanon and Palestine, to Yemen and its resistance against the schemes of foreign powers and further more. This is an effort that will be coming soon, and will improve over time.

If this is a feature that is important to you as a researcher, and if you want to help test this, then please contact us and let us know.

Part of our mission is also to ensure that incorrect understandings of Islam and Muslims are also removed. With the various agencies across the world promoting a fanatical and negative image of Islam, with the rise in Islamophobia and the targetting of Islam and Muslims across the world, part of our contribution to removing this insanity, is to develop an App that will explain in lay-person's terms what Islam is, will explain the practical elements of Islam; from the point of view of the ideological concepts, to the pratical laws that govern the lives of all Muslims; and that are NOT a threat to anyone.

All our apps and web Applications will be available across all the various platforms. Currently our Resistance News | Pure Wilayah App is available on Android on the Web through this website; and an iPhone/iOS version is in the works, with a tentative release date of late August 2018 (this page will be updated to reflect the progress of that so stay posted!)

If you like this project, if you benefit and use our apps, please consider contributing, as the cost to keep this running are significant, and every donation, from pennies to pounds helps massively in keeping the infrastructure alive, and the apps in development.

And from God alone is all ability and He is our support in all activities.

Peace ♡