Fear of Hezbollah is preventing the Israelis from returning to the North settlements, according to the Zionist media outlets.

The occupation authorities had announced that around 70,000 settlers were evacuated from the North due to Hezbollah attacks, knowing that the Islamic Resistance had been attacking during Gaza war all the Israeli occupation sites on Lebanon border.

What is more painful for the Israelis is that the occupation army officers do know that only Hezbollah can decide whether the settlers of the North can return to their settlements or not.

The following photo shows an Israeli military officer who said that Hezbollah missiles can hit any target in the North.

That is why the settlers of the North cannot return to their houses, he added.

Another Zionist military officer said that the scene is very foggy and vague, adding that the unseen Hezbollah warriors are there and ready with their heavy weapons to hit any Israeli target.

For their part, settlers and municipal officials in the North condemned the remarks of the defense minister Yoav Gallant who alleged that there are anti-Hezbollah achievements.

Ynet quoted some settlers as saying that they rented houses in Tiberius and might never return to Galilee and calling on Gallant to get his family and live on Lebanon border if he is sure about what he is saying.

Head of regional council in western Galilee said, 'It seems that Gallant talked about anti-Hezbollah achievements because he had not removed his binoculars’ lenses cap.' Kiryat Shmona mayor also said, 'I know nothing about the anti-Hezbollah achievements Gallant spoke about.'

Original Article Source: Al Manar | Published on Tuesday, 28 November 2023 18:26 (about 88 days ago)