TEHRAN, November 28 (MNA) – Iranian knowledge-based companies expressed their readiness to enhance cooperation with Tajikistan in all areas, especially in the energy sector.A conference entitled "Introducing Iran’s Investment Opportunities in Tajikistan" was held at the Nirro Research Institute (NRI) in Tehran on Tuesday.

Chairman of Niroo Research Center Majid Amidpour was the first speaker at the conference.

He pointed to the amicable and friendly relations between Iran and neighboring countries including Tajikistan and said that the two countries share abundant commonalities, especially in the cultural field.

The Niroo Research Institute, affiliated to the Ministry of Energy, is keen on establishing close ties with the neighboring states, he said, adding that Iran has good experiences in technology and training fields and Tajikistan can use Iran’s experience optimally.

Iran is home to many competent knowledge-based companies that are active in the water and electricity industry, Amidpour said, emphasizing that Iranian knowledge-based firms are ready to broaden their cooperation with Tajik companies in these fields.


Original Article Source: Mehr News | Published on Tuesday, 28 November 2023 19:01 (about 88 days ago)