The Israeli occupation forces have been committing atrocities for the 140th consecutive day.

The ongoing aggression has resulted in numerous casualties and widespread devastation, with the Zionist enemy showing no signs of stopping.

The Palestinian resistance has been putting up a heroic fight against the Israeli occupation forces, causing significant losses among the enemy's soldiers and vehicles.

Despite facing overwhelming odds, the resistance fighters have managed to inflict damage on the enemy in acts of defiance.

Recent Israeli crimes include the targeting of civilians waiting for aid on Al-Rashid Street in Gaza City, resulting in the death of eight Palestinians and several others wounded.

Additionally, a house in the Zalata area of Rafah was bombed, leading to the deaths of six martyrs and multiple injuries.

The Israeli occupation forces have intensified their raids on Rafah and Khan Yunis, carrying out brutal attacks on innocent civilians.

Gunboats have fired on the Rafah Sea shore, while artillery strikes have rocked various areas in Khan Yunis, causing further destruction and casualties.

As the aggression rages on, the people of Gaza continue to face unimaginable hardships and loss.

Original Article Source: Al Manar | Published on Friday, 23 February 2024 08:19 (about 52 days ago)