TEHRAN, April 24 (MNA) – The US authorities effectively doomed Ukraine, which they use as a battering ram against Russia, by its decision to resume arms shipments to Kyiv, Russian Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov said."America made its choice in favor of war.

It took the side of the evil and supported fascism.

For the benefit of its greedy and insatiable military-industrial complex, the US Administration sacrifices lives of common people.

By their decision, local politicians effectively doom the entire state, which they use as a battering ram against Russia," the envoy said, commenting on the bill package on military aid, signed by President Biden, which includes arms shipments for Ukraine.

"The American aid won’t save Zelensky.

New weapons will be destroyed, and the special military operation goals will be achieved," Antonov noted.

According to the envoy, "the US authorities’ shamelessness is striking." "They talk about the need to pump the Kyiv Nazi regime [with weapons] here.

They are ready to kill as many Ukrainians and Russians with American-made weapons as possible.

In the end, they want to save the world, based on American rules.

To reinforce the system of Western countries’ domination of the global majority.

Essentially, the Administration violated its own obligation under the UN Charter - to bear, equally together with other Security Council member states, a special responsibility for international peace and security," Antonov said.

The diplomat warned that "the military shipments of the US and its satellites have been burned, are being burned and will be burned by the Russian Armed Forces." "The Russian people are completely united around President Vladimir Putin, our army and our navy.

The people understand that our cause is just.

All goals of the special military operation will be achieved," Antonov added.


Original Article Source: Mehr News | Published on Wednesday, 24 April 2024 18:21 (about 53 days ago)