TEHRAN, February 29 (MNA) – The Islamic Consultative Assembly, better known as Majles, enjoys specialized commissions, each of which provides an in-depth survey of government bills or legislators’ bills and other matters related to the parliament.In the constitutional revision in Iran, the National Consultative Assembly was renamed the Islamic Consultative Assembly.

The 12th round of the parliamentary election is scheduled to be held on March 1 to elect 290 representatives for a four-year term.

Education, Research and Technology Commission The Commission performs the assigned tasks in the fields of general education, technical and vocational education, higher education, research, and technology.

Social Commission The Commission is formed to carry out the assigned duties in the areas of administrative and employment affairs, labor, occupation, labor relations, and cooperation.

Article 90 of the Constitution Commission Article 90 says “Whoever has a complaint concerning the work of the Assembly or the executive power, or the judicial power can forward his complaint in writing to the Assembly.

The Assembly must investigate his complaint and give a satisfactory reply.” “In cases where the complaint relates to the executive or the judiciary, the Assembly must demand proper investigation in the matter and an adequate explanation from them, and announce the results within a reasonable time.

In cases where the subject of the complaint is of public interest, the reply must be made public.”

Commissions of Iranian parliament
Economy Commission The Commission is established to execute the assigned duties in the field of economy and property, domestic trade, and foreign trade.

National-Security and Foreign-Policy Commission The Commission is established to carry out its assigned duties in the sphere of foreign policy and relations, defense, intelligence, and security.

Energy Commission The Commission aims to carry out the tasks assigned to it in oil, gas, electricity, dams and hydropower and nuclear power plants, nuclear energy, and new energies.

Program, Budget and Accounting Commission The Commission is tasked to carry out the assigned duties within the scope of the program, budget, program and budget supervision, the Court of Accounts and Finance, and statistics and general technical services.

Health and Medical Commission This Commission is formed to perform its duties in the areas of health, treatment, relief, welfare, social security and social insurance, and the Red Crescent.

Investigative Commission To review the credentials that have not been approved by the branches or have been challenged by the representatives, the Commission is set up.

Each branch is obliged, after appointing its board of directors, to immediately select two of its members who have more knowledge of legal issues and have the necessary qualifications as the main and alternate members of the Investigative Commission.

Internal Regulation Commission Examines the plans related to the amendment of the internal by-laws of the parliament and reports its opinion to the parliament to be inquired per the Law on Internal Regulations of the Islamic Consultative Assembly.

Each branch will choose one member who is qualified to form the Internal Regulation Commission.

Industries and Mines Commission The Commission is formed to perform its assigned duties in the fields of industries, post, telecommunications, mines, petrochemical, aerospace, and communications industries.

Civil Commission To perform the assigned duties in the areas of roads and transportation, housing, urban and rural development, and civil affairs of municipalities, the Civil Commission is established.

Sub-commission Sometimes the duties of a commission have different aspects that require separate and specialized review.

In this case, a group of members of the main commission who are assigned to examine specific aspects are placed in the form of sub-commissions.

Cultural Commission The Commission's primary role is to fulfill its assigned tasks pertaining to culture, art, radio and television, mass communication, physical education, youth, and women and family affairs.

Judiciary and Legal Commission The Judiciary and Legal Commission is formed to carry out the assigned duties within the judicial and legal framework.

Agriculture, Water, Natural Resources and Environment Commission To carry out its assigned duties in the areas of agriculture, water resources, livestock and poultry, fisheries, environment, and meteorology, the Commission is established.

Joint Commission The Board of Directors has established the Joint Commission to oversee plans and bills that have a significant connection to two or more commissions, as deemed appropriate by the Board.

Special Commission In important and exceptional issues that arise for the country, the Commission is set up to review and prepare a report, on the proposal of at least fifteen members and the approval of the parliament.

The fifteen members of the Special Commission will be elected directly by the representatives by secret ballot by a relative majority in a public meeting.

The commission which features seven to 15 people, is elected by secret votes in the open session of the parliament, based on most of the votes of the present parliamentarians.


Original Article Source: Mehr News | Published on Wednesday, 28 February 2024 14:53 (about 83 days ago)