TEHRAN, December 01 (MNA) – Written and directed by Iranian filmmaker Abolfazl Tajik, the short documentary 'Days of Ignorance' is scheduled to take part in 3 international film festivals in Bolivia, India, and Mexico.In his 19-minute documentary, Abolfazl Tajik takes the audience to the lonely world of the 84-year-old Mohammad Ali who is the last survivor of rural felt-maker from Neyshabour city.

The documentary narrates his daily struggles to live and keep the felt-making occupation alive.

The first film festival that Tajik's work is set to take part in is the BJX Bajío International Film Festival in Mexico.

The BJX Bajío International Film Festival (BJX Fest), is an event that opens the doors to the best of international filmmaking.

Through the Seventh Art, the pride of the collective historical heritage is reflected to share it with the whole world.

The best of the film industry, critics, and filmmakers of international stature united in the most legendary venues and stages in the heart of the Bajío, where Mexico was born.

The Bolivian Black Cat Award International Film Festival (BCFF) which is a filmmaker-to-filmmaker-award-giving film festival will also host the Iranian documentary.

The 6th edition of the International Folklore Film Festival (IFFF) will also screen "Days of Ignorance" in its 6th edition.

IFFF 6th edition will be held during 1-5 January 2023.

IFFF will be held in hybrid mode in which both online and physical screening of the films are envisaged.

It will indeed be a pioneering effort in the context of the COVID-19 scenario and the online screening will be done on an exclusively digital platform.

Produced by Mehdi Motahar, ‘Days of Ignorance’ has already taken part in a wide number of global screening events, nabbing prestigious accolades, including the best documentary film award at the Luna Lumen Film Festival in the US The doc also went on screen at the 19th Ischia Film Festival in Italy, the 21st Aporia International Village Film Festival in South Korea, the 37th Tehran International Short Film Festival, the REEL Crafted Film Festival in Canada, the Chicago International Indie Film Festival and the kinofestival "Light of the world" in Russia.


Original Article Source: Mehr News | Published on Thursday, 01 December 2022 00:30 (about 542 days ago)