Hamas and 'Israel' are not close to a deal on a cessation of hostilities in Gaza and releasing hostages, mediator Qatar said on Tuesday, warning the situation remained 'very complicated.' 'We are not near a deal, meaning that we are not seeing both sides converging on language that can resolve the current disagreement over the implementation of a deal,' foreign ministry spokesman Majed al-Ansari told a news conference.

All parties were 'continuing to work in the negotiations to reach a deal hopefully within the confines of Ramadan,' Ansari said.

But he added that he could not 'offer any timeline' on a deal and explained the conflict remained 'very complicated on the ground.' The barbaric aggression against Gaza continued for the 158th day as the occupation aircraft and artillery launched raids and bombardments in various parts of the Gaza Strip.

Homes and displaced persons’ gatherings were targeted, leading to a devastating loss of life.


Original Article Source: Al Manar | Published on Tuesday, 12 March 2024 12:17 (about 96 days ago)