TEHRAN, September 24 (MNA) – The Zionist Israeli regime military killed two Palestinians during a raid on a refugee camp near the West Bank city of Tulkarem, Palestinians and the occupying regime's military said.The Zionist regime's military said in a statement it conducted the raid in the city’s Nur Shams refugee camp Tulkarem, where it destroyed a command center and dozens of explosive devices, the regime media reported on Sunday.

Throughout the activity, Palestinian gunmen exchanged fire with the occupying regime's troops and detonated bombs against them.

The regime's army said it fired upon the Palestinian fighters.

“Two Palestinians were killed by live Israeli bullets to the head,” the Palestinian health ministry said.

It identified the two killed as Osaid Abu Ali, 22, and Abd al-Rahman Abu Daghash, 32.

A Zionist regime's soldier was moderately hurt from shrapnel, the Times of Israel reported.


Original Article Source: Mehr News | Published on Sunday, 24 September 2023 08:14 (about 76 days ago)