A tank was stolen from an IOF training base near the Elikim interchange and was rediscovered in a scrap yard in the North, the Israeli police announced Wednesday morning.

The tank was last seen near Elikim, a moshav northeast of Zichron Ya'acov.

However, its point of discovery, a scrap yard near Nesher just south of Haifa, is around 20 kilometers away.

How did a tank get stolen from an IOF base and brought to a scrap yard? The incident, which was first brought to the attention of law enforcement by the Defense Ministry, is currently being investigated by both police and the ministry.

The current motivations for stealing the tank, and then bringing it to a scrap yard 20 kilometers away, are unknown at this time.

According to Ynet, two suspects have been arrested for the theft.

This comes amid a rising wave of crime and violence in 'Israel', much of which is fueled by illegal weapons that were stolen from IOF bases.

This isn't the first time a tank was stolen.

Earlier this year, anti-judicial reform protesters stole a tank from a memorial site that had been used in 1973.


Original Article Source: Al Manar | Published on Wednesday, 20 September 2023 11:44 (about 79 days ago)