The Loyalty to Resistance parliamentary bloc stressed on Thursday that the ongoing crisis in Lebanon necessitates the creation of the new government which can administer the public affairs.

In a statement issued after its periodic meeting, the bloc urged all the residents in Lebanon to abide by the anti-coronavirus measures in order to curb the spread of the pandemic, hailing the cooperation between the ministry of health and the parliament to manage the vaccination period.

The bloc urged the Lebanese authorities to grant the needy the necessary subsidies, adding that the governmental economic support would continue, but in a rational way.

The statement underlined the Resistance right to possess all the military capabilities to defend Lebanon in face of any Zionist aggression on its land, security and sovereignty.

The Loyalty to Resistance bloc indicates that the presidential change in the United States does not refer to a strategic variation in the administration's policy which always favors the Israeli interests, calling for avoiding any bet on the new American president.

Original Article Source: Al Manar | Published on Thursday, 21 January 2021 18:44 (about 35 days ago)