Internationalist academic Tim Anderson unleashed that the US has been for years creating proxy wars across the world, noting that Washington and Tel Aviv are obsessed with powerful Iran.

In a recent interview with Al-Manar, Mr Anderson tackled with Batoul Wehbe, Al-Manar English Website’s Editor-in-chief, several regional and international issues, including Palestine, the Zionist entity, Iran and the Ukraine-Russia crisis.

Tim Anderson Al-Manar
The senior lecturer in the Department of Political Economy at University of Sydney has been known for his pro-Palestine stances.

He has been also known for his position supporting the resistance.

He had several publications and books, including “The Dirty War on Syria” and Axis of Resistance: “Towards an Independent Middle East.” “Resistance Kept Palestine Alive” Starting with Palestine, Dr Anderson hailed what he said “big changes coming in Palestine,” referring to acts of resistance across the occupied country, especially in the West Bank.

The Australian academic noted that the Zionist entity is facing internal divisions as well as accusations of committing the crime of apartheid against Palestinian people.

US Waging Proxy Wars in Ukraine, ME Dr Anderson stressed that the United States has been waging a proxy wars against Russia in Ukraine.

He likened the conflict in Ukraine to the conflict in Syria, noting that as Washington funded the terrorist groups of Daesh and Nusra Front in Syria and Iraq, the same thing is being done with the neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine.

US, ‘Israel’ Working to Destabilize Iran As he repeatedly used the term “North Americans”, Mr Anderson said that the US and ‘Israel’ are so obsessed with Iran because it is a strong and independent state that supports the resistance.

In this context, he noted that the US and the Zionist entity use any pretext to destabilize Iran, citing the recent riots across the Islamic Republic.

Misleading Media Coverage Dr Anderson was fired from the Australian university in 2019 after he superimposed a swastika over an Israeli flag in a slideshow presentation about media coverage of the Israeli aggression on Palestine.

In his interview with Al-Manar he revealed that there have been negotiations with the University of Sydney to get reinstated.

Stressing that the Western media coverage is misleading, the Australian academic said that anti-Palestine powers want to silence all those who support the resistance.

The Last Word Asked to say the last word to the region’s people, Mr Anderson stressed that the only key to confront the war waged against this region is the unity of resistance factions in Palestine, Syria Iraq and Iran.

Original Article Source: Al Manar | Published on Tuesday, 22 November 2022 12:56 (about 66 days ago)