The two Israeli military reporters Alon Ben David and Yoav Limor, who spent all their lives covering up the Zionist wars on Lebanon and Gaza, were given the free rein by the Saudi authorities to wander across the Kingdom and prepare videotaped reports.

Israeli Channel 13 broadcast the scenes of its reporter Alon Ben David's visit to Saudi, displaying his wandering across the Kingdom.

Ben David also appeared inside of the Saudi mosques.

Yoav Limor also prepared a report in Saudi Arabia, revealing that a number of Mossad officials visited KSA secretly during the few past years.

Jewish Insider Website indicated that 13 UJA leaders visited Saudi Arabia last week in light of the normalization deals between 'Israel' and a number of Arab countries.

Original Article Source: Al Manar | Published on Monday, 04 July 2022 17:24 (about 37 days ago)