TEHRAN, September 12 (MNA) – Iran's mission in the United Nations has confirmed the release of five Iranian prisoners who are detained on charges of illegally circumventing US sanctions, in exchange for the release of five American prisoners.These five Iranian nationals that have been released by the US authorities in the prisoner swap are Mehrdad Moin Ansari, Kambiz Attar Kashani, Reza Sarhangpour Kafrani, Amin Hasanzadeh, Kaveh Lotfollah Afrasiabi.

Iran has said that it has done the prisoner swap to release its own prisoners illegally held in the United States.

As per the prisoner swap, Washington had agreed to release five Iranian nationals held illegally in its prisoners.

According to the Iranian UN mission, some of the Iranian nationals will return home while others will stay in the United States.


Original Article Source: Mehr News | Published on Tuesday, 12 September 2023 17:15 (about 21 days ago)