Ashraf Shannon PRESSTV, Gaza The Gaza Strip began its Coronavirus vaccination campaign using the Russian Sputnik 5 vaccine.

Medical workers will be the first to receive the jabs. The vaccination comes after long delays by the Israeli regime that only allowed a small shipment of the vaccine to reach Gaza last Thursday after coming under heavy criticism by human rights organizations.

Another shipment of the Russian vaccine arrived in through the Egyptian controlled Rafah crossing on Sunday.

Nearly fifty five thousand people in the blockaded Gaza Strip have been infected with the Coronavirus mostly since late August 20.

Some 550 Gazans have also died of COVID-19.

Local authorities in the Gaza Strip struggled for months to lower the Coronavirus infection rates through strict measures.

The Israeli blockade has compounded the struggle of health workers in Gaza, undermining their efforts to contain and track the spread of the Coronavirus.

Hundreds of Gazan patients have already lost their lives in recent years due to the Israeli regime’s inhumane practices under the watchful eye of the international community.

As vaccination begins in the blockaded enclave experts say Tel Aviv must end its illegal policies and remove any barriers that may hinder Palestinians from accessing proper medical care

Original Article Source: Press TV | Published on Tuesday, 23 February 2021 02:22 (about 50 days ago)