By Al-Ahed News The Islamic Resistance’s Hassan Drone is the latest point of distress on “Israel’s” record of setbacks and defeats.

The drone, which flew and successfully completed its reconnaissance mission on Friday, exposed the weaknesses of the enemy's capabilities to confront it or bring it down.

“Israeli” media reflected on the extent of the failure surrounding this incident.

The Yedioth Ahronoth website asked, “How will the ‘Israeli’ army deal with the threat posed by drones?", while the military affairs analyst at Walla website put it bluntly: “Hezbollah's penetration reflects the army's new dilemma”.

According to Yediot, the drone’s penetration into the so-called “Israeli” airspace on Friday morning sparked panic in the entity’s north after the scrabbling of “Israeli” army planes and helicopters.

The Iron Dome was activated and two warning sirens were heard in the area.

Despite all this, the small drone returned to Lebanon untouched.

The website points to assessments about the Hezbollah operation intending to embarrass "Israel" after the latter shot down a drone earlier in the week.

Yediot quoted the head of both the so-called Mateh Asher Regional Council and the front-line settlements Moshe Davidovich: “We did not hold a working meeting with sources in the army, dealing specifically with the danger of the drones ...

In general, they talked with us about threats from the northern border and from Hezbollah in particular.” Davidovich believes “the two incidents in the last two days are a signal from Hezbollah to examine the tension of the residents in the north, and I, as the head of the front line, believe that there must be an appropriate response from the ‘Israeli’ army.” “Effective deterrent means must be produced which makes it clear to the other side that it cannot toy with the population,” he added.

For his part, Walla website’s analyst Amir Bouhbut said that “The penetration by Hezbollah’s drone of ‘Israeli’ airspace and its unharmed return to Lebanon reflect the new dilemmas facing the army that responded to the incident yesterday afternoon with low-altitude flights over Beirut." Bouhbut pointed out that Hezbollah recently began to challenge the “Israeli” army on two axes: in the depths of Lebanon: by revealing surface-to-air missile batteries in order to threaten the “Israeli” Air Force’s warplanes and unmanned aircraft in an additional axis: by introducing helicopters and small unmanned aircraft in order to gather intelligence on “Israeli” army bases and activities along the border Sources in the “Israeli” security establishment indicated that “It is a very small drone, which is very difficult to detect.” “Hezbollah is trying to make it difficult for the ‘Israeli’ army,” the sources noted

Original Article Source: Al Ahed News | Published on Saturday, 19 February 2022 11:19 (about 874 days ago)